Our Story


ACOCA Fishing, a family fishing studio, located in Montreal Quebec, built and run by the couple Mr. Henry and Mrs Fanny, they have two kids Sky and Sunny in the school.

Mr. Henry is a seasoned fishing enthusiast and specialist, He has a nick SinoS known on social media. Mr.SinoS began his fishing journey at a very young age. He posted his first fishing topic (got over 1.5 million views) on the forum on 11 May ,2007 and then started his brand new journey in North America. After 10years, in 2017, He put his first video on Youtube and become a youtuber.

Mr.SinoS is crazy about fishing , He goes fishing all seasons ,day and night , freshwater and saltwater, His favorite freshwater species are crappie ,bass and musky . He likes DIY all kinds of fishing gears, lures, taxidermy by hand . Mr.SinoS and his spouse both like letter "S", their two kids "Sunny Sky" 's names also coming from "S". During the pandemic Covid-19, they began to create their 3rd baby "Super™ Series". In May 2021, ACOCA Fishing released the first Super™ Sickle Jigs for crappie and got a big sale. Now Super™ Series are provided across Canada, The United States and more.

Super™ Series products are Made In China, Designed and Customized in Canada. They like to DIY their own products tailored for THE Specific fish. In the studio, Mr.SinoS takes care of the products design ,customization, production and shipping. Mrs. Fanny is in charge of the accounting, marketing and all the graphic design such as product package, logo, flyers, post, etc. Yes ,They enjoy DIY everything..

ACOCA Fishing founding mission and goal has always been to help and serve anglers with their specific needs, to offer the right gears for the right fish and right enthusiasts at the right time just right in North America. Now They DIY another online shopping platform, they are committed to offer their fishing friends the easiest personalized shopping solutions and the most unparalleled after-sales service. Easy Shopping, Easy Fishing, just save time to go fishing!

Super™ Series for Super Enthusiasts!

Good Luck!